Enviroshield Series T Module

Modular Marine Corrosion Protection System

The TC Marine borers have plagued mariners for centuries. In recent years their infestation has accelerated with the reduction of pollution in our waterways and harbors. The TC Enviroshield T Series module is an easy answer to this costly problem. This modular protection system is a permanent solution that stops borer infestation by restricting the flow of oxygenated water to timber pilings and marine wood.

TC Enviroshield Series T modules are designed with an abrasion-resistant outer jacket that incorporates a moldable gasket material. This field-applied marine protection can be installed in and out of the water on a minimally-prepared wet or dry surface.

TC Enviroshield Series T modules are designed to protect round, irregular and tapered timber pilings.

  • Eliminates the flow of oxygenated water to pile surface
  • Lowers the dissolved oxygen content of the water inside the pile wrap
  • Tapecoat's unique Moldable Sealant provides vertical,top and bottom seal
  • Flexible EPDM outer jacket is UV resistant, will not harden, become brittle or crack over time