Enviroshield Series R Module

The TC Enviroshield Series R module is designed for the maximum protection of offshore platform risers and lateral beams from the harsh marine environment. This easy field-applied modular system provides abrasion and corrosion pro-tection of existing and new marine structures. A tough outer abrasion-resistant jacket activates an en-capsulating environmentally-safe petrolatum with the tensioning of an easy-installation closure system. The TC Enviroshield allows for quick reinspection and easy accommodation of lateral braces, peripheral beams and weld-attached anodes. This easy field-applied protection can be installed in and out of the water on a wet or dry minimally prepared surface.

The TC Enviroshield Series R module is an easy field-applied maximum marine protection system. The Series R module provides proven corrosion protection, re-inspection capability, aesthetic appearance, accommodation for lateral braces and environmental sensitivity.

  • Factory assembled for field installation
  • Install on minimally prepared surface
  • Apply to wet, dry, or underwater surface
  • Inner petrolatum mat encapsulates and seals substrate
  • Tough multi-layer urethane outer jacket
    Composite tensioning closure system forces petrolatum into pores of surface
  • No metal components
  • No hand tapping or exterior bands
  • Available in 5 ft. and 2.5 ft. length with a 3 in. overlap for longer requirements