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Chase Protective Coatings Ltd (operating as CPC Serviwrap) is Chase Corporation's operation in the United Kingdom and includes two of the best known names in the corrosion protection and waterproofing industries, Maflowrap and Serviwrap. Both have proven track records and reputations for quality and reliability throughout the industry.

With over 35 years experience manufacturing waterproofing and corrosion protection systems, CPC Serviwrap helps solve some of the most serious challenges facing the industry in a wide range of pipeline, construction, marine and industrial environments.

Cold Applied Bitumen Tapes

Light, medium and heavy duty pipewrapping • Tapes, moulding compounds • Grids • Marine tapes • PVC pipewraps

Petrolatum Tapes

Petrolatum tapes • Blankets and paste • LD mastic & marine mastic • Marine petrolatum tapes & pastes

Liquid Coatings

Metallic zinc & cathodic protection primers • Rust Inhibiting & holding primers • Epoxy barrier protection & maintenance coatings

Waterproof Membranes

Potable water applications • Methane gas resistant • Membrane primers

Flashing Tapes

Double sided adhesive tapes • Self adhesive flashing tapes

Moulding Putties

Outerwraps and Shields

PVC outerwrap tapes • Outer shields • Outerwraps

CPC Serviwrap can assist with corrosion and waterproofing challenges at all stages of a project, from site visits and specification advice, through applicator training and system installation.

We are glad that you are here and we invite you to utilize the Product Selector located at right hand side of this page. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any assistance. We look forward to helping you find the product that meets your needs and protects your investment.

CPC Serviwrap operates in a Quality Management System which complies with BS EN ISO 9001. All products are tested to the requirements of major international standards.

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