Pipeline Coatings

Chase Corporation is a leading supplier of field applied coatings and tapes for the global oil, gas, water and wastewater industries. When anti-corrosion and protection are paramount in applications that involve pipelines, Chase has the products and experience to offer superior solutions through its highly recognized and respected brand names:

Tapecoat ®


CPC Serviwrap

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Shown below is a brief overview of the extensive range of products produced by Chase Corporation for a variety of global applications.

Cold Applied Tapes

UV resistant tapes with integrated primer • Conformable tapes • Overwrap coatings • Below and above grade applications • Mesh backed tapes • Bitumen tape systems • Moulding compounds • Mouldable sealants • Marine tapes • PVC pipewraps • Tape wrapping applicators

Hot Applied Tapes

Coal tar tapes

Liquid Coatings, Epoxy Systems & Primers

High temperature epoxies • Fast setting epoxies • Damp surfaces epoxies • Wet bond epoxies • Coal tar epoxies • Mastic epoxies • Epoxy spray guns • Metallic zinc primers • Cathodic protection primers • Rust inhibiting and holding primers

Petrolatum/Wax Coatings and Tapes

UV resistant and above ground tapes • Colored wax tapes • Tapes for fittings, valves and flanges. • Profiling putty • Wax paste • Outerwraps and overwraps • Wax coating system kits

Casing Fill Service

Cold injected casing filler • Hot injected casing filler • Casing end seals

Marine Coatings

Round pilings • Square concrete and fluted piles • Irregular and tapered timber pilings • H pilings

Other Products

Rockshield • Exothermic weld protection • Cable splice kits

Industry Associations

Chase pipeline businesses are contributing members and active participants on standards committees of the following organizations:

Industry participation also includes numerous regional Corrosion Societies, Pipeline and Gas Industry organizations.

Chase Brands

Coverage Calculation

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