Royston Membranes

Royston Membranes products are used as waterproofing and reflective crack solutions for both transportation and commercial applications. Our installation process utilizes adhesives to provide superior bonding to the bridge deck, a flexible sealant at curbs and longitudinal membrane terminations to create superior waterproofing solutions.

Royston Membranes are manufactured using a reinforced laminate of impregnated woven fiberglass with a high strength inner core sandwiched between two layers of polymer modified bitumen. Royston Membranes feature a unique 3 inch leading edge that guarantees a positive compound-to-compound seal at every overlap.

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Benefits of Royston Membranes

  • Ensures a water tight seam
  • Ensures uniform thickness
  • Allows minor amount of movement due to thermal expansion
  • Eliminates need to use hot liquids to apply membrane
  • Increases tensile and puncture strength

Typical Applications
Bridges • Highways • Roadways • Airports • Balconies • Tunnels • Parking garages

Typical Substrates
Concrete • Asphalt • Steel • Wood

Royston Membranes are qualified with many of state Departments of Transportation (DOTs) and agencies and architectural membranes have been used by engineering consultants in their designs for many years.

Royston Membranes manufactures a broad portfolio of standard membrane products along with some innovative custom adaptations for specific applications.

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