Rosphalt ® credited with saving the state of Wisconsin hundreds of thousands of dollars

A recent article on credited Chase Corporation's Rosphalt ® with saving the state of Wisconsin several thousands of hours in repair time and hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs for the I-94 and I-43 bridge deck projects. These heavily traveled decks in downtown Milwaukee were completed in less than 48 hours and have enjoyed longer life and improved performance, according to Butch Benish of Construction Resources Management Company.

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Rosphalt is a unique, concentrated thermoplastic additive which creates a waterproofing and wearing surface which is resistant to both rutting and shoving. It uses standard paving equipment with a single step operation making the installation quick and easy.

Rosphalt is a high performance, "dry mix" added directly to the asphalt plant. It has been proven to last 3 ½ times longer than standard Hot Melt Asphalt (HMA) designs (by the National Center for Asphalt Technology).

Chase recently introduced a lower temperature version designated as Rosphalt 50-LT which we began shipping for the 2010 paving season.

Rosphalt products are well suited to high traffic and heavy truck traffic conditions as well as providing enhanced performance characteristics for a variety of applications. The company has manufactured Rosphalt for nearly 40 years, serving the construction industry in North America and the world. 

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Benefits of Rosphalt

  • Easy to install
  • Quick return to service (as fast as 1 hour)
  • Lower life cycle costs (3 ½ times longer than HMA)
  • 1-Step process
  • Dry mix
  • Proven long-term durability & track record

Typical Applications

Orthotropic steel deck bridges • Airports • Precast concrete bridges • Truck loading docks • Post tension bridges • Toll booth sections/areas • Concrete filled grid bridges • Race tracks • Segmental bridges • Heavy traffic intersections • Box beam bridges • Interlayer road design • Timber bridges • Roadway reflective crack solutions

Here are some major projects that benefitted from using Rosphalt technology:

  • George Washington Bridge in New York City
  • Approaches to the Triboro Bridge in New York City
  • The Menomonee Valley Bridge through downtown Milwaukee, WI
  • I-64 Connection Project in Louisville, KY
  • Bourne Bridge in Bourne, MA
  • St Johns Bridge in New Brunswick, Canada

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