CEVA® Systems

CEVA® Systems is an innovative expansion joint seal for exterior and interior architectural applications. Developed in conjunction with architects, engineers and contractors, CEVA's material offers greater design flexibility and tremendous savings in material and installation cost over open cell foam structures.

CEVA® Systems offers significant advantages including excellent resistance to chemicals and hydrostatic pressure as well as UV protection and noise suppression.

Our unique closed cell foam designs are combined with epoxy bonders and elastomeric concrete to offer superior strength. The material has been designed and tested to include the latest in industry specifications for superior waterproofing and long term durability.

CEVA® Systems has been successfully developing and supplying a range of joint sealing solutions for over 25 years. 

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Benefits of CEVA® Systems

  • Superior chemical resistance
  • UV protection
  • Custom cut to fit any configuration
  • Contains no carbon black pigmentation
  • Hydrostatic pressure resistant
  • Withstands size and directional changes of joints
  • Noise suppression
  • No maintenance required

Jointing compound can be custom cut to fit any configuration for a wide variety of applications:

Interior / exterior watertight joint seal • Pressure relief joints • Vertical and horizontal joints • Cast-in-place control joints • Dynamically moving joints • Gaskets / water stop

Typical Applications

Bridges • Parking garages • Airport tarmacs • Water/Wastewater treatment facilities • Secondary containment facilities • Stadiums • Fire-rated systems joints for buildings.

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