Bridge & Highway Products

Chase's Bridge & Highway products are uniquely formulated to enhance the performance of bridges, highways and elevated structures through the the use of their waterproofing, expansion joints and membrane systems.

Chase's Bridge & Highway products deliver high performance and reliability through their highly recognized and respected brand names:



Royston Membranes®

Asphalt Waterproofing Additive

Waterproofing and wearing courses for driving surfaces • Interlayers • Airports • Racetracks and other surfaces.

Expansion Joints

Joint applications to handle bridge expansion and contraction • Commercial applications • Water & wastewater applications.

Waterproofing Membranes

Providing water tight seams • Puncture resistant membranes.

Chase Bridge & Highway products are uniquely designed to provide superior performance to bridges and highways while extending the life of pavements, reducing maintenance costs and improving durability of surfaces. Whether it is Rosphalt, CEVAsystems or Royston Membranes, Chase has the right product to make a material difference for your application.

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