TC 7100 Damp Surface Epoxy

TC 7100 Damp Surface Epoxy (Color gray) - a two part, liquid epoxy system for application on dry to damp substrates, a protective coating for above and below grade application on metal piping and structures.

Surface preparation: Clean, dry to moderately damp surface
SPC-SP6/ NACE No.3 commercial blast cleaning
Anchor pattern 2.5 to 4 mils
Application temperature: 45°F to 120°F Operation: -40°F to 165°F
Pot life: 15 to 20 minutes @ 70°F
Dry to touch: 3 to 4 hours
Mil thickness: 25 mils approximate coverage per gal. 55 sq.ft.



TC 7100 Epoxy Datasheet (.pdf)


Epoxy Guide (.pdf)


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